United Kingdom



Name: Bob Murdoch
Nationality: UK
Date of birth: 08/22/1972
Years climbing: 36

With SKYLOTEC since: 2015

Favourite climbing equipment


3 things I cannot do without

Family, climbing, being outside


I like to Climb summer and winter. Ski, Snow board, Kayak and Canoe.

Favourite dish

Beef Wellington and apple strudel

Personal good-luck charm

I am not superstitious.

Biggest success so far

Still waiting!



 Any fool can be uncomfortable..

Professional experience
  • Sales Manager, member and training officer of mountain rescue, IRATA Rope Access Technician

I climb because...

… ever since I saw the climber of the 70’s and 80’s on television I have wanted to climb.

I'm on the team because...

...SKYLOTEC is a technical business who manufacture their own products staffed by professional and knowledgeable people who make a great team.