Health Care


SKYLOTEC has always been all about safety. Protection from danger and optimal safety are the highest goals. Of course, this also applies in times of the Corona crisis.

That is why you can now find products in our product range that protect you and your environment from infection. Masks, products for hand cleaning and products with which you can reliably decontaminate your PPE without damaging it.



The RKI recommends the wearing of a mouth and nose mask (textile barrier in the sense of a mouth and nose mask) in certain situations in public spaces. According to the experts, the wearing of the mouth and nose cover can be an additional element to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the population.

If your job does not always allow you to keep the recommended minimum distance or you are
dealing with possibly infected people, medical masks are recommended. Since the end of April, the wearing of masks is mandatory in certain situations throughout Germany.


Item No.: ACS-0900 | 1 piece | 2,00 €

This oronasal mask is made of high quality fabric and is suitable for multiple use. It protects against the unhindered spread of possible pathogens that are present in the air we breathe in droplet form and thus helps to reduce the risk of transmission of one’s own bacteria and viruses to other people. A further advantage is that the wearer of such a mask does not touch the mouth and nose area. Thus the face mask makes an important contribution to the prevention of highly infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. The reusable product is washable at 95° C. Note: This mask does not provide a medically proven protective function. The individual materials may differ from the product photo.

• Multiple use possible • Washable at 95° C • Material: 70% cotton, 26% polyester, 4% elastane • Items excluded from exchange


Item No.: SAN-0028-MASK | 50 pieces | 32,50 €

Disposable mask (DIN EN 14683:2019-10) to protect medical staff and patients from infectious diseases.

Medical face masks prevent contact of the patient or work environment with large particles ejected by the mask wearer (e.g. saliva, mucus); they also protect the wearer from blood and/or other body fluids of the patient or from the work environment.

Folded version with ear loops • Items excluded from exchange

  • With bacteria filter.BFE >=95%, 3-ply
  • Content: 50 pieces / box.


Item No.: SAN-0028-MASK-FFP2 | 10 pieces | 26,00 €

Disposable mask (DIN EN 149:2009-08) for protection against harmful particles on water and oil basis Filtering effect at least 94% of pollutants from the air.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) recommends FFP2 masks for the treatment and care of patients with a coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infection.

  • Items excluded from exchange

Multifunctional Neck Tube

Item No.: BE-486 | 1 piece | 5,50 €

Multifunctional tubular cloth with many wearing possibilities. The light cloth dries quickly and is comfortable to wear. Thanks to its size it fits in every bag, always ready for use.

• Size: One Siz • Washable up to 45° • Material: Polyester • Items excluded from exchange



One of the most important measures to protect health and to contain the pandemic is to clean hands regularly and thoroughly. Here you can find the appropriate products.


Hygienic hand disinfection.
Effective according to the WHO formula against bacteria, viruses and fungi

  • Items excluded from exchange

1 L SeptoEx

Item No.: SAN-0053-1 | 1 piece | 16,50 €

5 L SeptoEx

Item No.: SAN-0053-5 | 1 piece | 65,00 €

10 L SeptoEx

Item No.: SAN-0053-10 | 1 piece | 125,00 €



Personal protective equipment (PPE) should be carefully maintained. In times of a corona pandemic it is very important to clean it regularly to prevent pathogens from settling. This applies in particular to PPE used by emergency services or by several people at the same time.


Item No.: ACS-0911 | 1 piece, 5 L | 39,00 €

The decontamination agent RESCUECLEAN S1 kills 99% of all bacteria after only 5 minutes, is virucidal and also fights the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, the trigger for COVID-19 infections.

It can be used immediately, a dilution is not necessary in advance. PPE is not damaged and in particular the strength of PPE against falls from a height is not reduced.

RESCUECLEAN S1 is suitable for cleaning PPE that is not suitable for washing machines. It is either applied directly to the piece of equipment to be cleaned or the PPE is placed completely in the solution. The strength and service life of the cleaned PPE is not negatively affected.

RESCUECLEAN S1 kills all previously known corona viruses undiluted with one application time. This isthe result of extensive laboratory tests carried out by the supplier of the decontamination agent.
Thus, an effect against the novel SARS-CoV-2, which causes the COVID-19 disease, can be assumed.

  • Items excluded from exchange


Double protection for your health: products that not only "only" disinfect your hands, but also make your daily work easier and safer. By avoiding both infection and accidents, you protect your own health and our society twice over!

Liquid Chalk

Item No.: ACS-0126-L-200 | 1 piece, 200 | 7,56 €

Your secret weapon for when you really need it:
Instant grip without the need to immediately re-chalk.

Currently more important than ever! Liquid Chalk has a disinfecting effect and is a must at the moment for this reason alone.

The German Alpine Association (DAV) recommends the use of Liquid Chalk in its Corona recommendations for climbing gyms:

“Only use your own equipment, use magnesia and beyond that Liquid Chalk. Both have a virus-killing effect, which guarantees additional hand disinfection.”


  • Items excluded from exchange