United Kingdom



Name: Richard Warren
Nationality: GB
Date of birth: 02/15/79
Years climbing: For as long as i can remember, 30+ years. Have always climbed and enjoyed it, just not amazingly good at it.

With SKYLOTEC since: May 2016

Favourite climbing equipment

The rope

3 things you can't do without

My Kids, my music, my bike.


Music, guitar, surfing, snowboarding, climbing, skateboarding, camping, mountain biking, reading, adventures with the family.

Favourite dish

Egg fried rice. Sweet and sour chicken.

Personal hero

Dave Grohl

Personal good-luck charm

3,2,1 Bungeee! Dropping in.

Motto:  Get it done, then you can……

Professional experience

10-12 years as an outdoor instructor. Raft and Canyon guide, climbing and kayaking instructor and mountain leader. Have a degree in adventure management. Experienced in being a casualty when things go wrong following a height related accident at work. Trained in Health and Safety, instructor for industrial access and rescue. Senior instructor of work at height training company. Senior Technical advisor – SKYLOTEC. Ex-member of Bay Search and Rescue Team leading water and height rescue.

I climb because...

My Dads a climber and Mountain Rescue Member. Didn’t really have much say, its just always been something I’ve done.

Biggest success so far

My 2 amazing kids.

I'm on the team because...

... I get to utilize lots of skill sets and knowledge, in different ways, to different people in lots of different industries. Also get to work with quality and interesting products and people.