the skylotecperformance team


SKYLOTEC Performance Team

The SKYLOTEC Performance Team is, like the entire company, the sum of the participating employees. Each one of them has an individual story to tell, each one defines himself by what is important to him and what he brings to the team and the company, each one is shaped by his work at SKYLOTEC and the goals and values of the company. Our players shape the SKYLOTEC Performance Team. It is their stories that we tell.


For our team captain, the SKYLOTEC Performance Team is one of the biggest projects of his life. Apart from climbing, two things are close to his heart: his family...and his SKYLOTEC family.


Daniel has been teaching at the SKYLOTEC Training Center (VRC) since 2018. As a professional firefighter and member of the rescue service, he knows what is important.


Climbing was a means to an end for the geographer to explore the rock from the inside while caving.But then it became a great passion for which he now develops the perfect equipment.


He has participated in mountaineering expeditions to many high mountains in the world, has 20 years of experience in rope access techniques and loves good food - and for him that means everything except Brussels sprouts...


Jaka grew up in the mountains and has been climbing for as long as he can remember. As a climber and engineer it is important to him to make things perfect. His personal motto: Whatever you do, do it the best you can.


From boy scouts to mountain rescue - today the certified IRATA rope access technician looks after our customers and loves to climb with a camera.


Jamie is an "adventurer by trade": He has a degree in Adventure Management, is an outdoor instructor, climbing instructor, mountain guide, industrial access and rescue instructor and even has experience as an accident victim...


He was a professional climber. He was an instructor. He was an HSE manager. Steve knows rope access technology from all sides and, as a member of our sales team, perfectly understands our customers' needs.


...doesn't like to talk about himself.

They live for climbing

Where the needs of the world meet your talents, there lies your calling.


They live for climbing, in their professional live as well as privately. They know the challenges of Rope Based Access from their own experience. And they work at SKYLOTEC to find and develop the best and safest products and solutions for these challenges.

As SKYLOTEC Performance Team, they constantly challenge our products to the utmost. As employees, they bring this experience back into the company. This is the most direct and best feedback imaginable.

And that is important. Because in what we do, “good” is not good enough.

We protect people from falling.