Name: Stefan Viska
Nationality: Swedish
Date of birth: Sep. 8th
Years climbing: 28

With SKYLOTEC since: 2018

Recently - SKYLOTEC's new descender - SIRIUS

3 things I cannot do without

Snus (Swedish tobacco), good food, sunshine


Anything related to training and travel.

Favourite dish

Everything except brussels sprouts (does not qualify as human food)

Personal hero

Reinhold Messner

Persönlicher Talisman

I'm not superstitious.


Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go. (T.S Eliot)

Professional experience
  • Road Based Access since 2000
  • Mountaineering expeditions to several higher mountains around the globe.

I climb because...

Just wanted something to do and I never stopped after that.

Greatest success so far

Still working on that!!

I'm on the team because...

... I know that I can contribute to a safe working environment and be part of a great development of new products and technics.